We want to empower people to find, store, share information and do what they want and help them going to be a global citizen to connect with each other in a simple, fast and honest way.

We want to help people in the way they discover the world.

We want to raise human potential with tools that make missions visible because we love the potential of humans.

Let's fire up the entrepreneurial spirit in everyone.

About PuVida

PuVida is an identity bank and we make it easy to store, find and share identity information on your terms.


Mission Statement 

Puvida stores identities and makes them visible on the web to find them and share them fast, easy and in a fun way. Our mission is to make it easier for people to believe in their mission.


Vision Statement

We believe in the missions from every human being and provide tools, so they can believe in their mission to achieve them.

we want to help people to get more focus and more clarity with our products, so they spend less time online.


Core Values

Organic marketing, privacy, inclusion, low costs subscription-based tools for identities, think big and global, infinite & abundance mindset.

Do what you love, have trust in the outcome and enjoy the ride.

Prepare here and let there come over here